What is a Pinkletink anyway?

pinkletink (n): Martha ' s Vineyard, Nantucket MA Cf pinkwink, tinky = spring peeper. 1918 DN 5.16 Martha ' s Vineyard MA, Pinkletink. . . Young frog. " I could hear the pinkletinks out in the swamp. 1931- 33 LANE Worksheets Martha ' s Vineyard MA, Pinkletink. . . A peeper (frog). 1951 Hough Singing in Morning 15 Martha ' s Vineyard MA, Someone says that the frogs are going it on Cape Cod, and that " many natives call them pinkwinks. " . . Over here on the Vineyard what we have is pinkletinks, and they are Hyla crucifer, tree toad now and forever. 1967 Borland Hill Country 107 Nantucket MA, On Nantucket the peepers are called pinkletinks, a name that sounds to me much like the sound the peepers make. 1980 NYT Article Letters Martha ' s Vineyard MA, Pinkletink—Used only on Martha ' s Vineyard. The spring-peeper or tiny tree frog.

Source: Dictionary of American Regional English,
Harvard University Press