Our Services

Maine Chimney Code
(using The National Fire Protection Association standard 211)
states that “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year…”
How often do you meet a service person who loves what they do for a living? We do! 
We offer a list of chimney and venting system services. We understand the intricacies of the venting systems in your home and are equipped to address all of your chimney maintenance and safety needs. Our services include: 

Chimney Sweeping and Inspections

Pinckletink Chimney Service uses state of the art equipment to sweep and inspect chimneys of all kinds. While sweeping your system, we perform a Level I Inspection, looking for obvious problems that could prevent peak performance. When necessary, we will perform a more detailed Level II Inspection. In either case, we will provide you with a written report outlining the condition of your chimney with recommendations to prevent or repair performance and safety problems.
Not sure if you need a chimney sweep to come out to your house? Or, concerned about getting your home dirty? And, what is the difference between having your chimney inspected and having it swept? Here are two short online tutorials that walk you through the basics of what we do as a Certified Chimney Sweep on chimney sweeping and inspections: www.csia.org.
Install Chimney Liners
We believe that even the best looking chimney is only as good as its liner or liners. If there is no liner or the existing liner is cracked, deteriorated, softened, or is missing mortar between the flue tiles it is a chimney which, in the words of NFPA 211, "no longer has the continued ability to contain the products of combustion" and should be lined or relined.  We happily offer the best stainless steel chimney liner systems available - Ventinox or HomeSaver! Did we say "lifetime warranty"?

Waterproofing and Repair PCS can repair those missing or loose mortar joints between the bricks, using a process called “tuckpointing.” Using amazing products, we can seal a badly deteriorated chimney "crown", repair torn flashing and seal the tiniest cracks in masonry to prevent water damage. The products are so good that they are covered by warranty!

Not all ceiling leaks around chimneys are caused by faulty chimney flashing or roofing. It may be that the chimney itself has been saturated with water. If so, it needs to be protected from further penetration. We apply “Chimney Saver,” a breathable water repellent made only for chimneys. This product has a ten-year warranty. 

Wow, we do a lot! Keep looking. 

Install Chimney Caps   
Chimney caps are the best way to protect the chimney’s top and to prevent rain, snow, animals, leaves, and other debris from entering your chimney. We have many styles to choose from. Each allows for easy servicing of your flues. All with a lifetime warranty. 

Here are just a few more things we can do
  • Replace appliance gaskets
  • Replace or install clean out doors
  • Install top mounted fireplace dampers
  • Install top mounted chimney fans to improve fireplace draft and stop a fireplaces’ smoking
  • Solve problems with fireplace, wood stove, boiler, and furnace flues
  • Repair masonry fireplaces with "retrofits", which will actually bring an out of code fireplace up to code!
Pinckletink Chimney Service wants to be your “Sweep for Life”